Testimonials – coaching with Sally Morris

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to the place where my clients have their say about their experience of coaching with me. 

I feel it is an honour and a privilege to work closely with individuals and to be allowed into their world, the purpose of which is to help them see themselves and their choices more clearly and move forward in ways that serve them. This involves deep connection and trust both ways and is often reflected in their testimonials.

This first testimonial is from Mads, who I saw for just 2 hours…

Take time to see clearly and to dream“I knew there was something on the horizon for me, but I didn’t know what. I could feel the need for something new but just needed some guidance, someone to help me look around the corner and Sally helped me to do that. Meeting Sally was a start of some significant life changes for me. I didn’t leave the session with a new clear plan (that was to come). I left Sally with more clarity as to what makes me feel really good and what in my life makes me feel uncomfortable and angry!


For me, meeting Sally was a day out from life to look at life! It was really wonderful. It was a chance to scan my life. Sally asked the right questions, and then listened as I described how my life path had unfolded so far. I loved being able to describe my whole story to a professional and not to a friend, or family member, who, however caring, generally want to interrupt, discuss and offer advise! Sally probed when I got stuck, and took time to study my life.


We then did an exercise which in a nutshell made me really understand how I felt in my body and mind when describing different parts of my life. The session was participative, I had to stand up and get into character but it was completely guided. 
I left with some clear messages. One was to say a clear NO to the things that didn’t make me tick, and to surround myself with inspiring people. These are things we all know, but sometimes we need direction to feel deeply and listen to our needs. The session gave left me with renewed confidence to take me to the next level, to investigate some new paths, to try thing out but mainly to talk about my dreams with conviction and without doubt.
I will definitely visit Sally again if I need her guidance and support in making a new step which I can’t quite reach myself.”

– Madeleine, London


“Coaching gradually edges you back on course; it is always about choices but sometimes you need someone to help you realise the choices you have and help you to act on them.”
Leigh, Essex

“Coaching is very different from any other processes I have experienced; it made me drill down to specific issues. It was easy to wander around my life and not look at the reasons why I was where I was. The coaching made me stop and think and come up with some ways of incorporating what’s important to me in my everyday life.”
Maureen, Devon

“Coaching enabled me to re-assess my whole life; it helped me understand what I needed to do in order to succeed. Coaching gave me the tools to increase my self confidence and to understand how to achieve what I want to achieve.”
John, London


“Sally has given me the greatest gift anyone can give another person. She believed in me.”
Cheryl, Essex