Coaching for your career


 “You must learn a new way to think before you can learn a new way to be.”
– Marianne Williamson

Coaching for your career

People seek me out for coaching on an individual basis to work with them on specific areas of their life they want to change. This often relates to the work they do, in areas such as, wanting more confidence or seeking greater fulfilment in their working lives, to ease the transition from one job to another or into retirement, deciding on or changing a career path or perhaps a desire to improve their promotional prospects or manage stressful aspects of their work. 

How can your work be what you love so you love what you do?

DreamThe co-active approach to coaching is customised to meet your individual needs rather than being an off the shelf personal success programme. This may include leadership coaching, performance coaching, executive mentoring or whole life/work aspirational coaching. These long words simply describe the many facets of coaching that are available to serve your needs and what you want from our sessions. In reality, the coaching skills I employ are often rather unusual and surprising, designed to take you away from your usual patterns of thinking and into something altogether more useful and creative.

Coaching is an intensely individual process that can impact significantly on your working life where small things discovered within a session can generate a process that gathers momentum and magnitude over time to become life-altering.

What do you have to lose when you can gain all this?

  • Tools, strategies and techniques for balance, fulfilment and process
  • An appreciation of what makes you special and unique
  • Greater awareness of your impact on others
  • Improved communication and interaction skills
  • Enhanced relationships with co-workers
  • The facility to self-manage
  • An ability to focus, make decisions and take action
  • Reflective processing
  • An understanding of different levels of listening
  • Personal accountability
  • An awareness of where you limit themselves
  • A challenge to be the most you can be in life
  • Increased confidence and belief in yourself and their abilities
  • Ambition to realise your potential


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Do you have a million questions now you are running your own practice?
Do you miss having support from a tutor or experienced professional?
Do you want to develop yourself and your business over the next year?

Supervision is a way to enable practitioners to get their personal and professional needs met in a safe, supportive and facilitated environment.
This may include:

  • Asking questions and sharing successes or challenges
  • Growing your practice and planning your focus
  • Practising techniques or highlighting areas of CPD

Supervision sessions also count towards CPD requirements for the MTI Professional Association Register.

1-2-1 sessions at £80 p/h

Ongoing individual and group monthly supervision is available at a reduced rate 

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