Coaching for companies

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

 Coaching for Companies – Discover what’s missing

Coaching for Companies
As the ethos of every company is different, I offer bespoke coaching for companies programs to meet your unique business needs enabling your company to achieve and sustain business income and growth performance, goals and objectives.

As well as empowering and supporting your staff within the business to be more self-aware, self-regulating and self-managing, enabling employees to learn how to unlock their potential and maximise their performance.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Where are we now, where are we going and who packed the torch?

The strategy that enables us collaboratively to build a cohesive and a sustainable working relationship is based on asking questions and mapping out the areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the business as well as the staff force on which the achievement of fulfilling goals and reaching targets is wholly reliant. Elements involved in this journey into the inner workings of the company span from acknowledging what’s working to challenging limiting patterns and beliefs.

Gains for your employees and your company

  • Visioning beyond current aspirations
  • Creating a full spectrum of possibilities
  • Identifying and prioritising goals and creating practical steps towards these
  • Acknowledging and championing what is special and unique
  • Exploring perspectives and choosing empowering ones
  • Clarifying values and bringing them fully into the present
  • Understanding resistances and finding strategies to deal with these
  • Finding ways to create whole-life balance
  • Challenging limiting patterns and beliefs
  • Being aware of commitments and ways to honour these
  • Taking action and making significant changes in beliefs, attitudes and behaviour
  • Evaluating changes and building on what works

 Imagine your business with an engaged workforce

Coaching models a collaborative partnership that is deliberately designed to enable the individual to become the person they want to be. It uses skills of negotiation and cooperation; these skills are learned throughout the coaching process and help staff resolve conflicts more efficiently in the working environment.

By investing in a coaching programme the organisation demonstrates a commitment to staff development and retention, this fosters employee engagement i.e. staff who care about the business and who are capable of using their own initiative to innovate and generate success.

The difference that makes the difference

  • Providing staff with strategies and tools to make possibilities real to the benefit of the company
  • Improved communication between staff and between the company and its customers
  • Individuals who challenge themselves to go beyond their current limitations
  • Staff who are motivated and ambitious
  • Staff who are confident and more engaged
  • Fostering a positive attitude throughout the company
  • Encouraging a solution-orientated approach
  • Improved project completion
  • Highlighting potential within a workforce
  • Enhanced individual and company performance
  • Creating a workforce that fully recognises and can realise their potential


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