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Workshops and Courses in massage and bodywork:

CPD points
Participating in workshops gains a Certificate of Attendance and meets MTI (Massage Training Institute) /GCMT (The General Council for Massage Therapy) further training requirements. Some courses at On the Spot Training School have FHT Short Course Accreditation, look out for the FHT logo.

Each hour of any workshop accumulates 1 CPD point.

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Introductory Massage

Learn to Massage in One Day

Two-handed effleurageThis one-day workshop focuses on developing touch with awareness and sensitivity in a small group learning environment. It is the perfect start for those looking for an introduction to massage and people who may be looking for a massage course for couples. The day is designed for those wishing to use massage safely for friends/family and is also perfect for individuals interested in a career in massage, who want to discover if massage is right for them. Unwind and relax as you give and receive massage and learn why this is such a powerful tool.

“An excellent day, well delivered with great opportunities for all to participate and FUN. Thanks, I loved it!”
– Darren McAughtry 

Hand-Saving & Hands-Free Massage

Techniques to Save Your Hands
This workshop addresses the problem that massage practitioners can experience of overusing and straining their fingers, thumbs and/or wrists while using firm and/or deep massage techniques. The ‘hand-saving & hands-free’ approach enables you to learn to apply firm pressure without great effort and without straining your hands. This basic ‘hand-saving & hands-free’ massage workshop introduces you to a set of easy techniques that can be used in different parts of the body. It also covers basic principles that will enable you to work safely with the forearm and elbow – looking after your own body and working with sensitivity.

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“This course is a must do for any therapist that wants to extend their massage career. Sally is amazing and the wonderfully simple, hand-saving techniques are essential for any practitioners that wants to not only take care of their clients but also themselves. Thank you again Sally you transformed the way I work.”
– Lynsey Maher

Extensive Hands-Free Massage Training Course (FHT Approved)

The 8-day training course was developed by Darien Pritchard (Dynamic Massage)

This 4 weekend (8 days) training is designed to save your fingers, thumbs and wrists (the commonest areas of strain for massage practitioners) while applying firm pressure.The aim is to expand your repertoire and freshen your approach, to help you be more effective when applying pressure, and thereby to help you to maintain your career. The course assumes and builds upon a developed feeling for pacing and fluidity in massage, and monitoring and adapting to the client’s build, comfort and responses.

Give your hands a holiday and save your career

You will learn how to use
the soft forearm (the fleshy inner forearm) for applying widespread general pressure – this is firmer and uses less effort than using your palm
the hard forearm (the ulna) and the bony areas around the elbow for applying focused pressure in an appropriate, skilful way in order to save your fingers, thumb and knuckles
the whole forearm for mobilising parts of the body and for applying stretches
all of these tools for both oil and non-oil massage

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Seated Event Massage Course

This FHT approved training aims to prepare you with the skills required to give chair-based massage in any situation or event; from muddy fields to luxury hotels, from back-stage to boardrooms. Whatever the circumstances you will be ready and able to tailor a 10, 20 or 30 minute treatment! The full course comprises of a foundation and an advanced seated massage workshop, case studies and a practical assessment. Insurance is available through Balens and there may be work opportunities following the training.

The foundation workshop can be taken alone for CPD with the option to complete the full training within 1 year.

Foundation Workshop

seated-massageSeated Massage is a perfect way to add another dimension to your massage practice and diversify your client base, it is usually performed through clothing without the use of oils, this versatility makes it a perfect treatment for a variety of situations and events.
This one-day workshop will prepare you with the skills required to provide chair-based massage and the techniques you learn will be useful in couch treatments too. It can be taken alone as a CPD workshop or extended with the ‘Advanced Workshop’, leading to a certificate of competence in Seated Event Massage.

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Go here for the full Seated Event Massage Syllabus
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“Sally’s wealth of experience and relaxed approach made this day a valuable learning experience and I feel confident using seated massage techniques”
– Cat Spratt

Advanced Workshop

advanced-seated-massage-2This advanced training day is designed for those who want to develop and master their seated massage repertoire, to become ever more effective in relieving the tensions and restrictions that are commonplace for clients. It is open to all therapists who have completed the Foundation Workshop and a minimum of 10 treatments (case studies).

Advanced skills will include:
Forearm and elbow work to avoid strain and maximise effectiveness
Soft tissue release
Muscle energy techniques
Trigger point work
Myofascial release
Acupressure points

“An incredibly enjoyable course that no budding therapist should be without. Great fun.”

– Kevin Macaulay

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Go here for the full Seated Event Massage Syllabus
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Fabulous Fascia – Myofascial Release 2-day course

Let me introduce you to the intuitive and magical world of myofascial release. This two-day, FHT approved course is for therapists who wish to gain insight into the fascial system and learn how to apply simple and highly effective MFR techniques in seated and table positions. You will learn some direct and indirect myofascial techniques, including sustained pressure MFR, that can be easily integrated within your current treatments. I also hope to inspire and encourage you to transform your thinking and potency with MFR work.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Aims of the 2-day course:

To explore basic theories of fascia
To observe and palpate for fascial restrictions
To develop practical skills of myofascial release, direct and indirect To experience and affect changes in fascial tissue

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Know the nature of fascia and why it’s so important to work at this level for lasting change
  • Identify contraindications for MFR
  • Learn palpatory and observational methods for identifying fascial restrictions including
  • Experience couch-based, direct fascial techniques
  • Experience giving and receiving indirect fascial release techniques; the classical cross-hand release, arm/leg pulls and transverse planes
  • Learn how to use myofascial techniques in a variety of positions and areas; prone,supine, side-lying and seated
  • Explore fascial self-care using 4” balls
  • Explore the body language of unwinding and how to respondPalpation and assessment skills and MFR Techniques included:
  • Assessing fascial restriction through observation and with simple palpation techniques including pelvic alignment
  • Couch-based, direct fascial release techniques
    ‘J’ stroke
    Skin Rolling
  • Indirect fascial release techniques
    Cross-hand Release in various areas and positions
    Arm / leg pull
    Seated neck stretch
    Transverse planes
    Occipital condyle Release
  • An introduction to unwinding

Following this course, therapists will be able to add the techniques learned to their existing repertoire of skills to benefit their clients.

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“Feeling happy after a genuinely magical experience learning myofascial release techniques with the amazing Sally Morris. Incredibly inspiring and a touch daunting discovering a whole new world that is fascial work.”
– Harri Hill

“Every person should know and understand fascia, it is our birth right, that’s how I feel after today.”
– Katya Maass


Massage Practice Days

2016-10-17-08-02-36These are one-day workshops for those who are qualified in massage or who have taken any previous massage workshops with Sally. The Massage Practice Days are a valuable opportunity for refreshing and developing your skills; receiving massage yourself, sharing experiences, making new contacts, receiving support, learning new techniques and having some fun.

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“I feel I learned and reinforced a lot of learning today.”
Richard Argles

Reiki level I, II and III

Reiki treatmentReiki 1 and 11 are currently taught as one-day courses. Reiki 111 and Master level require a separate application following the completion of the former courses. Each workshop includes theory, practice and attunement to the various levels of energy work and provides students with the understanding, experience and confidence necessary to practice at that given level.

Go here for more information – Reiki 1 Workshop information
Please read the CPD Workshop. Terms & Conditions before booking a course

“What a thoroughly enjoyable, informative course with a friendly, personable, highly intuitive tutor. Thank you.”
Lee MacDonald

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head MassageThis is a four-day training course, taught over two separate weekends. Sally has been involved in teaching Indian Head Massage since training with Mr Mehta in 1995.

In the first weekend you will learn the basic techniques and sequences associated with IHM, as well as looking at the history and background of IHM and the relevant anatomy, physiology and pathology, creating solid foundations from which to build further. This weekend can be taken separately and constitutes the Introductory (2-day) Training a CPD certificate of attendance will be issued for those choose not to take their training further.

In the second weekend we develop your learning with advanced practices and theory, so that by the end of the course you have the understanding, capability and confidence to work holistically with Eastern and Western techniques when providing IHM treatments for your clients: adapting to circumstances, environments and each individual that you work with. This weekend includes an internally assessed theory and practical assessment.

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“Fantastic weekend learning Indian Head Massage, with fantastic people and a fantastic teacher…feeling excited.”
– Vanessa Simms

Stone Therapy Massage Course

Stone Therapy MassageSally is taking a break from teaching Stone Therapy Massage at present, until her diary has more space.  If you’re interested in learning Stone Therapy Massage, please get in touch.


“I am very impressed with the dedication that has been directed to proving all of the information required to gain Short Course Accreditation.  Your student manuals go beyond the basic…In my evaluation, any candidate undertaking either of your courses can be assured of a quality programme.”
Cheryl Cole FHT 

One-to-One Skills Coaching

If you prefer individual training for advancement of your skills, this can be arranged. This is particularly useful if you want to address something specific in your practice.

Advanced Massage Training Workshops

Advanced Massage TechniquesThe School often hosts other Tutors who offer one-day training workshops in advanced skills, such as: ‘Working with stress related neck pain and Headaches’, ‘Advanced stone therapy masterclass – Sticks & Stones’, ‘An introduction to advanced techniques for sports & remedial massage’, ‘Basic acupressure for massage therapists’,

If you have an interest in any of the above or similar topics for workshops, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your interests in the development of your practice.

“I enjoyed the practice in finding trigger points.”

“I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, which created a great day of training.”

“Thank you so much for today. I’ve really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot, especially for helping my own neck pain. I also feel a lot more confident in treating my clients with neck pain and headaches.” 

 For more information and booking details for any of the above courses please contact me >

Professional Massage Training

Sally has taught professional massage courses since 1995, originally and more recently with MTI and for 8 years as an ITEC tutor. In 2013 Sally joined the teaching faculty at Bodyology Massage School, in Central London and has enjoyed teaching the MTI Practitioner Training Course in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (level 4) for the past 6 years. She is taking a break from her Course Team Leader role at present in order to develop her advanced courses. Some of which are detailed above.

For more information about Bodyology Training Courses

“I wished we had bought cake today to celebrate the time we have had together and to thank you for all that you have shared with us, a lifetime of learning and precious wisdom that you have willfully and selflessly handed over to us. You are an inspiration to all of us. Your passion just shines. You have left me with a great want to learn so much more. So thank you for the learning today, for the great energy you have put into each weekend with us, and for sharing freely your love and belief in massage. It won’t be long before I’m back to learn.”

Student of Bodyology

Training dates and bookings

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Principal and Tutor – Sally Morris

Sally began teaching massage in 1993 and in 1995 joined the Massage Training Institute (MTI) as a Registered Tutor (Massage, Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology). Sally has gained extensive experience in teaching, running a private practice and working for the following organisations: Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, Sheffield Centre for Massage Training, South Essex Learning Partnership and Local Schools, The International Academy of Holistic Studies, West London School of Reflex Zone Therapy and South Essex College. She has taught in the UK and abroad and can provide a range of courses to accommodate different levels of interest and ability and can be adapted to suit individuals, couples and small groups.

Individual and group supervision can also be arranged.