Testimonials – treatments with Sally Morris

 “I have had treatments in Borneo, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and London and Sally is the finest hands-on therapist I have ever experienced.”
Syd Ball, Masters Weight Lifting World Champion, Fire & Police Games for 6 years


“I was recommended by a friend to visit Sally Morris approximately 10 years ago and have found her to be extremely professional in everything that she does. I have greatly benefited from her massaging treatments which have given me both greater flexibility and mobility which as a person who is very active, has been of considerable importance. Sally operates a relaxed and friendly service which enables an individual to both unwind and distress and always has uppermost in her mind the need to improve the well being of her clients.”
– D Sullivan


“I have been receiving reflexology from Sally for many years and find it beneficial to my overall well being.  She is always professional in her duties and has a wonderfully calming influence.  Her personality is such that she imparts a sense of serenity and tranquillity at each visit.  Also Sally is always ready to sympathetically listen to any problems you may have and gives excellent advice.  I don’t hesitate in recommending Sally to friends and family.”
– Sandra Murphy


“Sally’s holistic approach to massage means that she understands not just the body but the whole person. Her massage is then tailored to meet the needs of each individual. She is truly a fantastic person with integrity, insight and intuition. All of which she applies to her profession. I enjoy my massage now even more than I did when I first went to her 17 years ago.”
– Nikki Richardson


“I found Sally able to combine professionalism and compassion when performing Reiki. She really does listen to what you say and is always striving to ensure you receive the correct treatment for your well being.”
– Shaun Brown


Sally Morris treatment room in Essex“I have visited Sally many times and found her holistic massages to be second to none. Sometimes I have sought similar whilst travelling fairly extensively across Eastern and Western Europe, but none have been able to fully approach or surpass her special blend of technique, especially the ability she has of finding difficult/problem spots and changing seamlessly to another of her many disciplines to assist with cure. A very skilful person indeed.

In addition I have found Sally to be a great empathetic listener, and very supportive, even in times when I have not been able to visit her for reasons of conventional medication (chemotherapy for instance). With her caring nature and genuine generosity of nature, she has always been there with a helpful telephone call or text to keep me focussed on the job in hand, whilst providing that all too important support and implicit I’m always here” feeling. Sally obviously loves what she does and extends this to her clients. Being true to her web-site homepage leading quotation from John Ruskin, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”, Sally creates a masterpiece in all she does.”
– Frank A. Haysom