MFR Series: Movement-Based Techniques – 14 October

1-day workshop – Advanced Massage Techniques to help mobilise tissues and restore mobility.

Many trainers have used effectively used movement techniques in massage and bodywork. Dr Milton Trager developed the Trager® Approach. John F Barnes Myofascial Release incorporates Rebounding. Darien Pritchard teaches RhythmMobility®, and Pulsing is a Post-Reichian bodywork treatment.

These specialised movement techniques utilise the momentum of the client’s own bodily rhythm, like a pendulum or swing (the resident frequency is unique to each person).

In this workshop, we will explore how to use vibration, oscillation, rocking and mobilisation techniques effectively in horizontal and vertical planes to free the body.

Investment – £150

MFR Series: Movement-Based Techniques – 14 October


Monday 14th October

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