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I want the 5-Day Challenge to be available to everyone, there is no obligation or expectation for you to give what you don’t have.  This challenge is my way of being of service to people in the current situation, with the skills I have.

If you can’t afford the suggested donation you can choose your own amount. You also have the option to gift something you’ve created,  something you’ve grown, to offer your time and skills, or you can ‘pay it forward’ with your time to someone else.

HARP is a cause that is close to my heart that I would like to share 50% of any donations I receive. In 2017 I set up a chair massage service for the Homeless through HARP in Southend on Sea. It has been an honour and privilege to spend time with all the service users who have come under our hands and to get to know the dedicated staff who work tirelessly to help them find their way back to a worthwhile life.

The Echo newspaper article

Our last massage session was on Wednesday 11th March. Unusually we didn’t have a long waiting list and we were able to spend longer than usual with two service users. Tears are in my eyes now as I remember just how grateful both were for the loving, easing treatments they received. Both kept thanking us profusely for the difference they felt afterwards and they insisted on big hugs to express their gratitude. I can only imagine how they are feeling now with the current isolation but I am grateful that they have roofs over their heads and a HARP team who care so deeply.

So, donate away, if you feel you’d like to, I will make sure that it’s money well spent.

And thank you!

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Massage Learning Zone Donation

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