Co-active Life Coaching

Co-active life coaching is an investment in yourself, which can benefit your whole life and nourish your dreams into reality. Through exploring who you are, what you love and where you limit yourself you can develop the tools needed to step fully into your power and be all that you can be. It’s called ‘co-active’ because we work together to explore your life and what it is you truly want and together we create an approach to resolve issues, infuse your life with everything you would like for yourself and empower your visions.

The co-active life coaching process works best with a 3-month commitment equating to 2 hours of coaching a month and begins with a 2-hour ‘discovery session’.  This isn’t written in stone and some find huge benefit from a 2-hour ‘breakthrough’ session when they feel stuck and need help.

I trained with the Coaches Training Institute in 2005 and took Leadership in 2006. You can read more here and discover the 10 reasons Co-active Life Coaching is for you.

Ask yourself some questions

I have included some questions below that are designed to inspire you, stimulate your thinking and unlock your knowing. There are no right or wrong ways to answer. Take some quiet time to be with the questions and to allow your responses to emerge clearly from within.

  1. If life were as good as it could possibly get what would it be like?
  2. Who would you have become and what would you have overcome?
  3. Look forward 20 years … you are attending a function where someone is giving a speech about YOU! What would you want them to say?
  4. What do you want more of / less of in your life?
  5. What, to you, is success? If you had an image of success what would it be?
  6. If time and resources were of no concern, describe the things you long to do
  7. What are your excuses or potential obstacles to your goals/desires?
  8. What would you do if you weren’t scared?

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

Oscar Wilde


Co-active Life Coaching


Appointment time: 1-hour

How to book

I offer appointments Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm and work late 1 evening a week, please be aware that there may be a waiting time for new clients.

Please contact me to book a session