Hand-saving & Hands-free 1-day workshop

This hand-saving & hands-free massage workshop addresses the problem that massage practitioners can experience of overusing and straining their fingers, thumbs and/or wrists while using firm and/or deep tissue techniques. The ‘hand-saving & hands-free’ approach enables you to learn to apply firm pressure without great effort and without straining your hands. This basic ‘hand-saving & hands-free’ massage workshop introduces you to a set of easy techniques that can be used in different parts of the body. It also covers basic principles that will enable you to work safely with the forearm and elbow – looking after your own body and working with sensitivity. Save your hands and save your career.

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“This course is a must do for any therapist that wants to extend their massage career. Sally is amazing and the wonderfully simple, hand-saving techniques are essential for any practitioners that wants to not only take care of their clients but also themselves. Thank you again Sally you transformed the way I work.”
– Lynsey Maher

Hand-saving & Hands-free 1-day workshop


Date: Tuesday 9th June

Time: 9:30am to 5:30pm

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