Fabulous Fascia 1

Fabulous Fascia 1

Introduction to Myofascial Release – This one-day workshop will introduce you to some basic direct and indirect techniques that can be easily integrated within your current treatments. I also hope to inspire and encourage you to transform your thinking and potency with MFR work. You will discover the nature of fascia and why it’s so important to work at this level for lasting change You will experience giving and receiving direct and indirect fascial release techniques such as the classic cross-hand release. We will also explore myofascial unwinding.

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“Feeling happy after a genuinely magical day learning myofascial release techniques with the amazing Sally Morris. Incredibly inspiring and a touch daunting discovering a whole new world that is fascial work.”
– Harri Hill

“I was surprised how mind-blowing and multi-faceted Myofascial Release is.  Sally is extremely knowledgeable and passionate, so it was great to learn some basics. I’d like to take this further so that my treatments will be way more effective ……Absolutely everyone should use Myofascial Release!”
– Laura Silverman

“The day really challenges your current thought process and opens up great possibilities for you as a therapist.”
– Kevin Macauley

Fabulous Fascia 1


1 day workshop –  Saturday 12th January 2019

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