Seated Massage Advanced Workshop

Advanced Seated Massage Workshop

Develop your skills and become the best therapist you can be

This advanced training day is designed for those who are ready to take their practice to the next level; to learn new techniques and develop their seated massage repertoire, to become ever more effective in relieving the tensions and restrictions that are commonplace for clients. It is open to all who have taken the Seated Massage Foundation Workshop and have completed a minimum of 10 treatments (case studies).

Advanced skills will include:
Forearm and elbow work to avoid strain and maximise effectiveness
Soft tissue release
Muscle energy techniques
Trigger point work
Myofascial release
Acupressure points

Go here for more information – advanced-seated-massage-workshop

Seated Massage Advanced Workshop


This day will be an optional add on to the basic 1-day course, for all those who have studied Seated Massage with me in the past. You can buy both days at one step if you go to the Foundation workshop page.

1 day workshop – Saturday 7th March 2020

Please read the CPD Workshop. Terms & Conditions before booking a course