Advanced Massage: Neck & Shoulders – 7 November

Our aim is to refresh your massage and bodywork treatment approach by expanding your assessment and applied techniques repertoire whilst considering and utilising updated research in anatomy and physiology.

Techniques for Neck & Shoulders

In this workshop, we will develop soft tissue therapy treatment options & techniques that address common problems and restrictions in the upper thoracic and cervical spinal area. The physiological consequence of such restrictions can have both local and global knock-on effects leading to pain, dysfunction and pathologies into the mid and lower back and also into the upper and lower extremities.

We will also have the opportunity to consider how ‘updated’ scientific research into the bodies fascial network, is guiding us to ask questions about our musculoskeletal anatomy training, ‘what type of soft tissue/myofascial techniques we choose to employ and why?’ Can we theoretically and therapeutically ‘separate’ the ‘myo’ (muscle) from fascia?


  • Soft tissue assessment techniques to indicate restricted tissues
  • Postural alignment considerations and focussed ‘Range of Motion’ assessment
  • Advanced soft tissue therapy techniques including MET’s and ‘updated ‘myofascial trigger point’ techniques to facilitate lasting ‘release’
  • How to apply techniques skillfully and sensitively, for example, neck mobilisations & assessment
  • Considerations for moderating pressures that ‘listen to’ rather than repetitively force through restricted tissue
  • Adapting techniques to suit the client’s physique and tensions

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Advanced Massage: Neck & Shoulders – 7 November


Date: Thursday 7th November

Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

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