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Working together

Your employees are your greatest asset, so why not let us help you to look after them? Studies suggest that massage and other therapies may reduce stress, increase motivation and improve productivity. Research shows that healthy and supported staff perform at higher levels and take fewer sick days with the total cost of ill health to the British economy as more than £100billion*  and that the key for all successful businesses is realising the importance of preventing ill health amongst their staff.

We are always keen to partner with those who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the welfare of their staff. Our massage and complementary therapy service promotes the well-being of your workforce; helping to improve their mental, emotional and physical health. This is not just about relaxation and reducing stress, although it does this too – it is about people performing more productively, effectively and creatively because their lives are well-balanced.

(*Dame Carol Black DBE, reporting on the Health of the UK workforce 2010. DWP)

Working towards relaxation

Here are some of the reasons why massage is a must for companies that value their workforce:

  • Low cost and low time investment strategy for stress reduction
  • Demonstrates care and commitment for the well-being of staff
  • Improves morale as employees feel valued
  • Can be easily used in employee incentive schemes
  • Improves creativity and promotes a healthier, happier environment
  • May help with recruitment and retention of staff
  • Reduces likelihood of absence from work due to stress-related illness
  • Employees are more alert, productive and efficient
  • It helps prevent RSI when used alongside other measures

For helpful tips, explanations and stressbusters read this guide – Stress info for Healthy Living

Studies that support the effectiveness of corporate massage

The effect of a corporate chair massage program on musculoskeletal discomfort and joint range of motion in office workers
– Siško, Videmšek and Karpljuk, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2011 Jul;17(7):617-22. Epub 2011 Jun 20.
Conclusion: ”On-site massage sessions twice per week for 1 month are the most effective interventions (compared to one session or no massage intervention) for decreasing the duration of musculoskeletal ache, pain, or discomfort and for increasing range of motion”

Massage therapy in the workplace: reducing employee strain and blood pressure
– Gillian et al., Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro ed Ergonomia. 2009 Jul-S ep;31(3 Suppl B):B25-30. Results: “Both strain and blood pressure were significantly reduced during treatment for the experimental group but not for the control group.”
Conclusion: “This study provides initial support for the effectiveness of workplace-based massage therapy as part of a comprehensive workplace health strategy”

Working with experience

As a company with over 20 years experience, we understand that the key for all successful businesses is realising the importance of preventing ill health amongst their staff, through supporting them to reach their fullest potential every day. We have an extensive team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced therapists throughout the UK whose combined knowledge and expertise provides a professional and adaptable service.

Working for you

An on-site chair massageThese are our most popular approaches for your consideration:

Monthly Oasis – we can offer you the opportunity to establish an on-site massage and complementary therapy service in your workplace and provide an oasis of calm to refresh and revitalise staff. A treatment once a month can turn their lunch hour or toil time into a lasting treatment that supports their well-being, health and productivity. The treatments are usually paid for by the staff themselves (sometimes subsidised by the organisation).  All we require from you is a private, uninterrupted space to set up our equipment and manage the treatments, and a member of staff to liaise with who will manage the bookings. This is our most popular service.

Well-being days – we can provide a series of massage and complementary therapy treatments including deep tissue, remedial and bodywork massage, reflexology, Indian head massage and acupressure chair-based massage. These incentive / reward days help staff to feel appreciated and supported, they also encourage an engaged, motivated and healthy workforce. With our current client base on average we provide two well-being days per year. Sometimes this is paid for by the organisation, sometimes by the staff – they are always supported with time off given to the staff to receive the treatments.

“Absolutely brilliant!! I can’t recommend On the Spot highly enough.  ‘Healing hands’ helped cure a persistent sports related injury that has subsequently not recurred and the advice was as invaluable as the treatment. I am also lucky enough to have massage sessions at my office on a regular basis and the ‘soothing’ massage is a great aid to stress relief and general well being.” 

Next steps

So whether you would like to support your staff’s health and help reduce stress and other symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain and repetitive strain injury or to reward them for reaching their targets, we can offer you what you need. Whatever the size of your business, we would like to help you maintain its smooth running and its continued success by taking care of your staff.

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