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Learn to Massage – be a part of the movement

Join the 5-day challenge, learn new skills and change how you feel – all without needing anyone to practice on!

This is for you if you’re feeling stressed, missing a purpose & want something to look forward to 
This is for you if you’re looking to learn a new skill or advance your massage skills 
This is for you if you have stiff, aching or sore muscles
This is for you if you like feeling pampered and miss receiving treatments

Sign up below for the On the Spot Training School downloadable booklet (in PDF format). This Introduction to Holistic Massage eBook is full of essential information to support your massage learning journey.

“Well structured and presented, it has optimal information without overload.” 

“Very explanatory and easy to read.” 

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The eBook is FREE, no strings attached, yours to keep and enjoy. 

Nothing is expected in return and I hope you enjoy it.

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But why stop there?

Join me on a learn to massage journey that will give you so much more than just words and images on a page.
A chance to learn the techniques easily and effortlessly with a series of step-by-step videos.
An opportunity to learn skills that can make such a difference to you and to your loved ones.
You’ll have access to a community of like-minded people. People just like you, who want to feel less stressed and more connected.
A place where you’ll receive regular support and encouragement as you develop your skills.

What you can expect if you join me on the 5-Day Challenge, going LIVE on Monday 18th May through to Friday 22nd May:

✨ A free ‘Introduction to Holistic Massage’ eBook

✨ The opportunity to learn massage skills and techniques with an experienced tutor
✨ Training videos that provide step-by-step guidance so that you can follow at your own pace
✨ A chance to practice mindfulness and find peace 
✨ Bonus videos to teach you hand and face massage
✨ Self-care tips to help relieve pain and stiffness
✨ Body alignment advice and how to avoid strain
✨ A great refresher for qualified therapists and a few extra tips along the way

✨ An excellent opportunity to learn and practice for students of massage
✨ Daily support for your practice whilst you develop your skills
✨ Access to a private Facebook support group 
✨ The access link to my YouTube videos if Facebook isn’t your thing

You don’t have to worry about completing the challenge in 5 days, you’ll have time to learn at your own pace and to suit your own timetable and the videos will be available to replay if you’ve forgotten anything.

Learn to massage
Don’t forget to sign up to your FREE eBook, click here.

I want this offer to be accessible to everyone, so here’s how that works

  1. If like me your income has been affected by the current situation, or you’re unemployed, or a student, then you are welcome to join at NO FINANCIAL COST TO YOU. Instead, you can gift me something you’ve created (a poem, cake, painting, song etc), or something you’ve grown (vegetables, a plant etc), or you can swap with a skill you have. If none of these work, then pay it forward with a donation of your time to someone else in need.
  2. If your income isn’t affected, the suggested donation is £50
  3. If you’re furloughed or your income reduced, the suggested donation is £30
  4. You can donate any amount you choose from £1 upward.

50% will be given to the HARP Homeless Charity.

Details of how to join the 5-day challenge and donate will be sent to you.

Social distancing and being apart physically

doesn’t mean we can’t feel connected

“The course gave me a structure for my day whilst on furlough. It was lovely to focus my attention on self-care and learning rather than the background worries of this period. Being part of a large and engaged group was also fantastic and wonderful to have that connection, even if virtual. I really enjoyed and appreciated the experience!”

Sally Morris what have you started…? You know you have started something AMAZING with this… You are opening up so much more than massage to so many people… THANK YOU!

It’s increased my confidence to use more pressure and encouraged me to try different ways to do this. It’s also made more sense of vibration techniques.

Why learn with me?

You can learn much more about my expertise and experience when you have time here. What I’d really like you to know is why this is important to me.

My life’s work has been about connection and healing and understanding all of the elements that are required to help individuals towards health and wholeness. I began this journey over 40 years ago in general and psychiatric nursing, I changed direction to massage and bodywork over 30 years ago and have never regretted that decision for a second, my life has been so much richer as a result. My main practice now is myofascial release and I use all of my coaching and counselling training and experience alongside this modality.  I have also been teaching massage for over 25 years at all levels. 

During this current situation, I witnessed people losing touch with themselves as they literally lost physical contact with others and what they had known as their world. I noticed my own reactions to being on my own, my feelings of disconnection and a sense of loneliness. I kept thinking about all the things I wasn’t able to do until someone challenged me to think ‘outside the box’, it was a very funny conversation that I might one day share with you. What happened that day? I got UNSTUCK, I began to see different perspectives and possibilities and I began to dream and imagine how I could serve others. 

I know how powerful touch is, it’s been researched and proven over the years and in my own practice, I’ve seen the evidence over and over again. I know how massage can literally bring us back in touch and in connection with ourselves and from THAT place of mindfulness, everything changes.

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