How Myofascial Release gives us hope

Katya’s Story – Learning to hold space to facilitate authentic healing.

Sometimes we just need to see something from another person’s perspective. We asked Katya, a massage therapist, to share her success story after studying myofascial release with us in 2018.

After graduating in massage therapy, I felt a little lost! I felt at my best when giving massage but couldn’t let go when receiving, I felt like a fake.

Considering my own experience, the types of clients I wanted to reach and having come through my own personal health crisis, I realised that massage could only help so far. 

I realised that massage could only help me so far

What was the missing link?

For me and my clients, I could feel something else that wasn’t muscle, a kind of barrier preventing change. I’d been through lots of talking therapy, but in terms of how I felt in my body, treatment options seemed limited. 

I’d heard about Myofascial Release and researched and read everything I could find. I met Sally towards the end of my massage training, and I liked the way she conducted herself as a teacher. I source check everything and I liked her qualifications. I appreciated the way she generously offered us the benefit of her experience. She nurtured new therapists with clear boundaries and could be firm when needed but also kind. Everything she did was evidence building for me, real work not just chat. 

I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to train in Myofascial release soon after graduating.

I attended my 1st Fabulous Fascia course in 2018. On day one I experienced unwinding and began to realise I could work through my trauma safely. Finally, I could be treated, and I had hope. I also realised that I would be able to learn these skills to facilitate positive outcomes for my clients!

I am attracting more clients with specific health issues and those who have tried many other treatments

Adding MFR techniques soon connected with my clients and they would say things like, “What was that? – It was amazing!” Since completing further MFR training with Sally and Craig I am attracting more clients with specific health issues and those who have tried many other treatments, medical or alternative. These same clients re-book and are more positive about their experiences.

I’ve enhanced my skill set with this safe and intuitive approach. I am facilitating healing rather than doing or changing, I’m waiting and responding, holding the space for authentic healing. Myofascial Release teaches us beautifully to respect that space. 

I’ve recently added MFR techniques to my facial treatments as many clients have issues with the jaw. I’m confident that clients will seek Myofascial Release as it becomes better known and I will continue to develop my skills and experience in order to help them.

Myofascial Release - Cranial

The photo shows Katya practicing new skills on a fellow student during training. Katya offers bespoke Holistic Massage & Bodywork sessions. Her intuitive and sensitive treatments are delivered in a warm, artistic & relaxed space in Hackney. Find out more on her website here.

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