Health – What’s love got to do with it?

What’s the most important thing in life?

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What's the most important thing in life?

I remember years ago listening to a Tibetan Lama giving a talk. He asked the audience this question, “What’s the most important thing in life.”

What do you think?

I was so convinced the answer would be love but to my surprise (and I probably contested it at the time) he said, “health”. He went on to labour the point that if you have your health, then everything else is still possible; be it money, love, success, etc. Here and now I’d say that we were both right as I realise now that my journey to health has been through the power of love.

My journey to freedom

Some background… My journeying began when as a student nurse at 18, I first learned to meditate. My interest in personal growth and healing has continued throughout my life but the last 15 years have been particularly intense and purpose-led. This began with a CTI Co-active Coaching course and a ‘future self’ visualisation where I envisioned myself in Peru (I spent 3 weeks there and walked the Inca Trail a few years later). I met my amazing Deer tribe at CTI Leadership training in 2006. We were so lucky to have Art Shirk and Caroline Hall as our Leaders on this course. Art has sadly passed away but you can read more about this warrior of living life ‘with one’s heart wide open’ here. In September that same year, just before one of the retreats, I ventured into the wild for 3 days and nights without food or water on a Vision Quest with a Lakota Medicine Woman – these moments were all part of my inner journey; I thought my Quest was to be about connection, the Medicine Woman smoked my pipe and said that it was about breaking down the walls that I had built around my heart.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


Enter the magic of myofascial release…The last 5 years have been dominated by trips, training, and treatments from John F. Barnes and his assistants that have enabled me to complete this part of my journey. I have faced grief that I felt would tear my heart apart but the love, guidance, and presence of John and his team cracked open my heart as wide as it could go and let the light in, I felt transformed. Such is the power of myofascial work and intent.

And the physical transformations…7 years ago I was offered a total hysterectomy, I was told that it was the only way to help with the pain I was experiencing and protect me from cancer, even though my MRI scan showed no signs of cancer and no indication of why I felt pain, nor did the laparoscopy that was meant to clear adhesions. I had old scaring from an ectopic pregnancy years before and some new scarring from this more recent procedure. After receiving MFR my symptoms began to change, bit by bit I could feel my body healing and change and I became symptom-free.

This is not the only miracle that occurred, after years of problems with my left knee, in the last 2 years, I’ve been able to run again with no pain!

Part of this great work is to be aware of and change the patterns we have that don’t serve us. These and other challenges that have led to me feeling so differently inside, at my very core.

All of this has taken a great deal of courage, “Comfort is overrated,” was the title of Art’s blog. “Feeling is healing,” John F Barnes says regularly, or, “Healing isn’t linear,” is another of his favourite sayings. You can see how lucky I’ve been with these and other very wise guides throughout my healing journey.

How can you benefit from Myofascial Release?

Ready to discover your path to freedom?

There is no substitute to John F Barnes but I can help you to discover the magic of MFR by:

If not now, then when?

It always helps to have:
A sense of child-like wonder and curiosity
The willingness to soften into your body and take the breaks off
Openness and the desire to step into something different

Sally Morris

Sally Morris

Expert level JFB Myofascial Release Practitioner
Founder of On the Spot
Therapist – Coach – Trainer

freeing bodies – opening hearts – widening smiles

30 thoughts on “Health – What’s love got to do with it?”

  1. Beautifully written. It is precise and to the point. I love your “tagline” freeing bodies – opening hearts – widening smiles. Best wishes!

    • Thank you Marla, thats kind of you to comment. That line came to me after my team and I had worked backstage at Wilderness Festival. It was how everyone left our massage space and what I want for everyone under my hands. Best wishes to you!

  2. Great to hear your story Sally!

    So important to know that your work is coming from personal experience.

    Looking forward to blog 2.

  3. An amazing journey Sally and after the
    Workshop in a January I know what touching the surface did for me and I would love to go further

    • Nicola – how lovely of you, please come back whenever you can! I still have available places on the Fabulous Fascia 14/15 March. You could repeat at half price and deepen the experience. I’d love your energy back in the room for anything I teach. There are some new offerings in June too!

  4. Really lovely blog Sally. I love knowing the story of people and why they are who they are at that time, in that moment. Our path have crossed many times (chair massage at the back shows, your mdr workshop and am sure somewhere else but can t remember) and every time I see you you look younger and lighter (energy wise!) and softer. Than you for sharing.

    • Stephanie, I remember you well and I’m glad our paths have crossed so many times and in so many different ways too. Thank you for your observations, I hope I continue to soften and bring love to whatever I do. Tell me what you’re doing now? I hope to see you again sometime soon. Craig and I have some interesting workshops happening in June.

  5. This is brilliant Sally, I’ve been looking at your posts about MFR for a while as it’s so interesting and I look forward to chatting to you about it very soon. Thank you for sharing your story, it just makes me love you even more. You have been through so much, yet are one of the most chilled out, positive people I know. Keep writing – you are good at it xxx

    • Claire, I promise you this won’t be the last and it’s all thanks to comments like yours. Talk to me about MFR and anything else I can help you with x

  6. I really enjoyed the blog and watched the video too, to gain a better understanding of MFR. As someone who has always believed in self-healing possibilities and refuses to take chemical medicines (pills) I was all the more fascinated to begin to understand this treatment.

    The blog is well presented, cleverly broken up with multi-media and reads well too – hence the number of responses and comments you’re getting.

    Bravo: More power to you Sally!

    • Robert thank you. You strike me as a particularly discerning person who researches thoroughly, so your comments are very encouraging. I’m glad you now know a little more about this powerful modality, I have always sought the very best training throughout my career and I’m confident that each has its place in supporting others in their healing journeys. MFR seems to have a combined effect on the mind, body and emotions, which is why it’s so potent. I hope we get a chance to meet sometime.

  7. What a beautiful blog. Your passion shines through. The videos are so interesting as well.
    I came on your two day course sometime ago. I have used the techniques I learned to great success especially with a couple of clients in particular. There’s so much more information being discovered about fascia now as well. It really is totally fascinating and I always think of you and remember about remaining curious.

    • Ah Carole, what a joy to know that you’re using the techniques you learned and I know you’ll keep growing in service of your clients. Open, curious and playful – always! I do hope our paths cross again, keep doing what you’re doing x

  8. Such an inspiring story Sally ❤️
    I’m so greatfull to universe that I found you and can experience MFR healing journey!

  9. Much love to you dear Sally, my fellow traveller on this journey of opening. I feel your beautiful heart♥️♥️

    • Christine, how are things across the pond? I’m excited to hear about your next healing adventure and have much to tell you about my last retreat x

  10. A beautiful insight into the wonderful journey you have had so far. Congratulations for stepping out of your comfort zone – you smashed it – it’s as easy to read as it is to listen to you speak. Though your hugs top both !!!
    Hope our paths cross again soon K

    • Bless you Karen and your generous comments. I’ve missed working with you and more importantly, seeing you! I think we need another team outing, don’t you? Xx

  11. Thank you for sharing Sally, you’re truly inspirational. Your loveful approach really transpires in your healing and teaching. I’m deeply grateful our paths have crossed. Looking forward to more blog posts (and MFR treatments and workshops) from you in the future! xx

    • Dear Alex, thank you! I’m very glad to know you too and look forw are to hearing how your adventure unfolds for you. Hope to see you soon x


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